Sunday, January 08, 2006

My fun with pictures

Annoyingly aforementioned new computer -- I recognise that it's like name dropping for the un-famous; I can't very well talk about dinner with Samuel L Jackson, so I go on about my new computer -- has a 'photo booth' and I can take pictures of myself (and anyone that will sit in front of it). So I'm trying to choose a picture to be in my profile. How about this one?

The photo booth is really fun. It takes your photo, then you can mess with it using all different types of techniques. Here are a few of me:

The first one is done with thermal imaging (are my teeth that warm?). The third is pop art, ala Andy Warhol. And I don't even know what the third and fourth technique was. Well, I've decided on my profile picture. Check out the profile to see what the decision was. Can you figure out what I did to get the picture?


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