Saturday, March 22, 2008

Krystal's has wi-fi!

So right now I'm in Krystal's, the home of the teeny burger. They have wi-fi so now I don't feel like I'm in a primative, third world country. Ah, the American dream -- to log on in a fast food restaurant.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

What I learned in Ireland

I like making realisations about myself. I hate that I make these realisations at the age of 31. My latest realisation: I am a poor traveller. I won't say I hate traveling cos I don't think that's true. But I am a nervous traveller -- not nervous like scared of flying. What I'm nervous about is that things will go wrong, like that I won't have a comb or I'll forget my mobile charger or passport. My propensity for worrying eventually and often translates itself into fear.

Two weeks ago, when I actually started this blog, I was in Limerick, Ireland for a work's conference. I had been really excited about going for ages and I wanted this to be an opportunity not only to learn more for my work, but a chance to practice a better way to travel. I really wanted it to be a chance to let go -- not worry about things and to really enjoy it.

So I decided to CouchSurf: hook up with people in the locale I was visiting, people who would be willing to play tour guide and potentially provide accommodation. Obviously you try to get to know a person before you set off and you can choose who you stay with. I met these absolutely fantastic women when I had a layover in Dublin. I provided the whisky and they provided the couch. I was actually supposed to do this in Limerick as well, but I ended up getting a very good deal at the hotel and stayed there; I ended up meeting the people willing to host me for breakfast instead.

I felt really chuffed with my efforts but felt let down when so many people at the conference were flabbergasted by my actions. Obviously they didn't know me very well because they probably would have then congratulated me on my risk-taking. In the end, I decided not to accept their judgements as any sort of truth. I met some lovely people, had a great experience and began to learn to trust again. Trust myself and my instincts.

My Dublin hosts with my whisky contribution

Where I slept. Comfy! But then again, whisky makes everything nice...