Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm trying

After coming home early from work with a sore throat, I watched a TV show about a couple attempting to pay off their £100K mortgage in 2 years. He pledged to work harder to earn more commissions in his sales job and set up a holiday letting website. She expanded her dog walking business to include bringing on more dog walkers and the sales of high quality dog products and the creation a website selling the goods. They often worked late into the night to try to achieve their goals.

And after watching their saga, I hoovered the living room.

Gotta start somewhere.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My wonky body, according to my team-mates

My bum has attracted lots of attention of the years. My first memories about the trouble it was was my mum always going on to me about how my nightgown was hiked up on it and I should pull it down. I remember some guy at school drawing a sideways profile of me with small tits and a huge bum. The kids at school, even here, get my attention by patting me on the bum. In the end, I have felt ambivalence about the thing, having to just learn to get on with it.

So I'm pretty surprised the additional insight I gain into my bum. I've been told that the remarkable thing about my bum is that it goes up. Didn't understand what that meant until I saw the Japanese girl's bum in Babel. A shame.


I have funny knees. They look like bruises on them, even when they don't have them -- or so I was told. So funny are my knees that the girl on my volleyball team studying medicine referred to her dermatology textbook to see if there was some sort of name for my wonky knees.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Get up offa that thang

Friday, January 12, 2007

My illness

NB: I was going to call this blog 'My OCD', but I thought it might be degrading to people who really do struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder; plus the illness is a good double entendre. Never worry, my State-side friends, about me losing any of my American political correctness...

Happy January folks. How've ya been? Me? In what's looks like it might turn into an annual occurrance, just afflicted with a stomach flu. I had this last year for the very first time -- actually, I had it three times. The Scottish are filthy, filthy buggers. Anyway, like last year, it has given me plenty of time to look for a new mobile phone.

As some of you may remember, it was just a mere year ago when me and Boy decided end our needlessly Luddite ways and get mobile phones. You might also remember that it was nearly six months ago when I lost the phone. I think at the time I equated with losing an arm. Or even a loved one. Okay, extreme, but you have to go with your feelings and, I guess, that's what I was feeling. I'm still in mourning for the damn thing. You're my best phone!

Now my contract is up and I've decided to cash in on this service, as I can get either an upgrade from my current provider or a new provider. I have easily spent the past eight hours online, researching. I can't spend more than ten minutes trying to write a story or a blog, but yes, I will spend hours looking at the same websites again and again, reading reviews of phones, searching the provider sites for information. To be completely honest, I cannot help but do this. I cannot stop myself. Yes, my life is not in any way pear-shaped.

And what conclusion have a come to? Well, I will probably move to T-Mobile. Unless some says that they're shit. Then I'll just stay with my current provider and try and get an upgrade. I'll definitely get the Sony Ericsson K800i. Or the W810i. Or the M600. Or the W950i. See, I have it all sewn up.