Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Looking for work

I like to look at the teaching job vacancies every week, for some reason. I guess it's because if I see the perfect job, then I'll be more than willing to pack this job in with a cheery "See ya, suckers!"

Unfortunately, I never see the perfect job. The perfect job is at the school 300 yards from my flat, in the same teaching position, full-time and permanent. And making more money. So really, looking is pointless, but I am an ever hopeful person.

The most recent posting only had one job in the primary (elementary) school sector. It was for a "deputising depute head teacher". To translate, a depute head teacher is a vice principal, American readers. Now a deputising depute head teacher, I'm not sure what the hell that is.

Boy suggested I apply, saying that I was the depute to a deputising depute head teacher and I was looking to make the next step. In actuality, I'm only deputising the depute to the depusting depute head teacher, so I would be very lucky to even get an interview.