Saturday, June 10, 2006

Come on lads!

It's a lovely Saturday here, absolutely gorgeous. Currently 61°F (16°C) and expected to get to 72° (22°), sunny, with a light breeze. Here, people will be outside, soaking it in. South of the border in England, there won't be a single person outside, a car on the street. In fact, the streets will be deserted.

It's England's first World Cup game and they will not be cheered on by the majority of the Scottish population, despite the close proximity and both being in the United Kingdom. This is because, generally speaking, Scots have negative feelings toward the English, ranging from indifference and ambivalence to derision and pure hatred. It's historical and too much to get into right now. Instead of supporting England, many are going to support either the team England is playing against (a Scottish pal yesterday said he needed to go out and get a Paraguyan flag) or are going to support Trinidad and Tobago. Why Trinidad and Tobago? Because they have a player called Jason Scotland. I kid you not -- about his name and about their support of him. There is even a song out for him. Here's a verse:
    “The World Cup Finals are on their way
    With all the teams off to Germany
    Brace yourself cause on every screen
    There’ll be nothing but the England team
    But wait!
    There’s hope at hand
    We can still support
    Scotland, Scotland, Jason Scotland!”
Newsflash: Boy has found what has to be the world's best pub. It has a giant screen showing the game in the beer garden outside! Nirvana. The game begins in 20 minutes and the pub just that far away. But there's something with the buses. I told Boy I'd probably be late because of it. His response? A very hurried, "Well, you can take a taxi to get here." This is how much my man loves England, to let me take a taxi so I'm not late for the kick-off. Awww. I'm just wanting them to win now. Only part of me; the other part is rooting for the US. U-S-A! U-S-A!

Well, I'm off. Here we go!


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