Monday, June 26, 2006

So... what are you doing this week?

Last week of school and I feel more huff-and-puff than chuffed. This time I didn't think I left things to the last minute, but apparently I have. And it doesnae help when your co-workers ask you what your up to this week in a "You're not doin' shit cos you're not seeing buy pupils" tone of voice. I needed to finish a videoed assessment of a pupil and asked if I could use the general meeting area for it. I was informed that it was being used by the pupils to wash toys. That should be alright, I replied, if the washers were quiet. "Look, it's got to get done," she said, breezing out of the room, instantly letting me know my place -- at the back of the queue. Suddenly, despite the mountain of work this week brings I'm mighty glad to be gone.


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