Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I've been doing some reading of late and have come upon this idea of synchronicity -- essentially, answered prayers. The things you ask for, you desire, happening to you. Some people consider it luck -- I usually do cos I don't really believe much in it. I feel that most of the desires of my heart have gone unanswered. I'm trying not to believe this, as it cannot be true. It's just not possible. I'm trying to ignore the negative person that I am. Really hard to do.

Anyway, how synchronicity has manifested itself in my life: As long as Boy and I have been living together, we have been skint. Really, a combination of unemployment and underemployment by the both of us. It's been preventing us from doing what we want to do -- get the flat finished to the standard we want, going on nice holidays, saving, paying some bills, the such. And things haven't been exactly working out at work... well, not the way I was expecting. Essentially, I needed a different, full-time job. A tall order over here.

A position like mine, full-time, opened up, a rarity in Edinburgh. It's closer to home as well. And so, after faffing about with the application, I completed it and sent it in. Found out earlier today that the position is mine. I'm feeling might chuffed about it, but scared at the same time. As I'm starting to know myself more, I realise that I really dread change. It's hard for me cos I recognise that my first year in anything is shite. So I've just finished my first year in my current school and was looking forward to the second, armed with some serious knowledge. Now I'm going to start my neophyte status all over again. But there's me being negative again. Let me just appreciate the 'synchronicity' of today's events right now. I'll think about that later.

Now, if only synchronicity could apply the the US World Cup team. They desire a win, so they get it?


Anonymous Amah said...

HALLELUJAH!! I'm happy for you both, but especially for you cause I know it's been wearing on you. A nice Scottish jig would do nicely right now!!

Wednesday, 14 June 2006 at 16:52:00 BST  

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