Sunday, May 25, 2008

I come back, seeing this and thinking that

Dandoo has sent me more pictures of Bumpy. If anyone knows my sister, you'll know that the Bumps has her nose. And if any of you know me and Boy, we both had the same response: poor little bugger. In the second pic, Bumpy is showing an incredible amount of flexibility, with his/her foot right up near the face. A future gymnast in the family?


This was the weekend of the Scottish Open Volleyball Tourney in Perth and, yada yada yada, a good time was had by all. I even saw Tyreek! I can't remember if I told you, but I ended up meeting this guy in the blog last year and shared my suspicions that I thought he was black. I then renamed him Tyreek -- well, I saw him and he looks well, thanks.

My team-mate (and pal, by the way) Macca ended up giving me a lift home. She's really into her music and most days, she doesn't even turn the telly on, preferring to listen to the radio or music.

She had her boyfriend The Big Ging's iPod and the chat turned to our top ten songs. This was hard for me. I'm not as musical as her and I really couldn't come up with much off the top of my head. This is what I came up with, though:

  • Can you see me, Hendrix
  • Tramp, Redding
  • How do u want it?, 2Pac
  • It's not that easy, Lemar
I've noticed my choices are all by Black artists. I also tend to prefer women, though these choices aren't showing that. Why these songs? Well, with the first, Are You Experienced? was one of my most favourite albums for a long time and I always liked the guitar in this song. The second song is cos I always wanted to sing the woman's part in this duet and my guy to be able to sing the male part (though, this hasn't yet happened).

The third song, well... that's complicated. I like to listen to this song when I'm feeling a bit down. Which is a bit of an odd, cos it's not at all a nice song. Not a love song or happy or an uplifting message. It's a typical misogynistic, sex obsessed rap song. But I've liked it more so since moving here. The thing is, I would get my fill of good, decent and God-awful hip-hop and rap on my local radio station in the States. But I don't get that here. Not in the least. But I do like rap and I miss that part of the culture I'd get. So sometimes, when I'm feeling down and alienated, I listen to this song and it reminds me of the culture that I love, though flawed it is. And I don't feel so lonely.

And the fourth song? Me and Boy dance to that love song together in the kitchen, so it's got a happy connotation. Finally.


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