Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday lunch

A most delicious dim sum lunch with the Boy and two friends. Got much too much food -- the usual case when it comes to dim sum, but it managed to all be eaten. Then sat around, chatting. Since we were with an Italian, we went to a coffee shop for a latte afterwards.

We all parted company and I walked with the Italian, who had to go to HMV (a CD shop). We took a short cut to get to the shopping centre through "The Walk". The Walk is home to all of the posh, expensive shops in Edinburgh -- Harvey Nics (UK version of Bloomingdale's; when Beyonce was in town, she went shopping there), Louis Vuitton, etc. We walked by a shop that only sold white shirts. What in the world? Only in the world of rich folk would we need a shop solely dedicated to the white shirt.


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