Monday, July 10, 2006

My summer holiday

Well it's been more than a week since school broke and I've done bugger all. I don't do the holidays well. I tend to stay indoors, cocooning until I emerge as an enormous slug. That might not be the way that slugs actually are produced, but...

I get scared because I think that I could be a person that, if left to it, would do nothing. That is a frightening thing. That I could be that person. That I am quite happy to be unproductive for weeks on end. I guess it wouldn't be such a big deal if I were productive at work. My salvation will be a few things: the Festival, starting at the beginning of August; Diana, coming to stay -- she can't know I'm a worthless dog (though if she reads this again, she'll get clued up quickly); and our holiday to France.

Yes, this is my first summer holiday with no familial obligations. It's a proper European holiday. My best friend from school's sister is now married to a German; she once said that he took his holidays very seriously. She didn't realise that wasn't an exclusively German trait -- all of Europe's like that. The whole of France will be on holiday from late July to the end of August. It doesn't get that way here, but from May to October, all the British talk about are their holidays.

Maybe it's that the whole of Europe is at our door, but British people want to go some place exotic. For Boy's Grandma, going to Berwick-upon-Tweed, a seaside resort in the very north of England, was about as exotic as it was gonna get. For his parents, it was only when Boy was in his adolescence that they even went on holidays abroad. Now it's commonplace. All the kids at my former school were going abroad -- you were considered weird if you didn't. France, Spain and Portugal are common holiday locations, but people are increasingly travelling to Greece, Egypt, and Thailand. And it's cheap as chips. In a travel agent's window, we saw a week's holiday to Cyprus, flights and room, for £250 per person!

That being said, the locations are exotic, but the resorts are anything but. People go to these resorts in these different countries expecting to eat steak pies and fish and chips or just to drink themselves into a stupor. There's no culture on these holidays, they have no redeeming value -- just a place to get a sunburn (passing it off as a suntan), a drink and a shag. Needless to say, I am not allowed to consider those types of holidays.

Anyway, about ours. We're going to France for 8 days. First three days in Corsica -- the beaches are supposed to be gorgeous and I'm trying to get myself ready for the swimsuit. Sadly, not doing well. Then two days in Chamonix -- it's in the Alps. Boy wants to take me to see a glacier (pronounced glah-see-er, not glay-shur). Then three days in Paris. I'm feeling good, especially as nearly all of it is booked.


Anonymous Amah said...

I've always admired those families that went to the beach during the summer for a couple of weeks, renting a summer cottage (or owning one), simply vegging in another atmosphere. Go world traveler!!

Tuesday, 11 July 2006 at 22:59:00 BST  
Blogger Autumn said...

Me too. What happened to us?

Tuesday, 11 July 2006 at 23:07:00 BST  
Anonymous Diana said...

hah! Your blog is on my reading list now, there's no escape, muahaha. I'm completely confident that you rock, because, well, myspace profiles never lie. ;)

Wednesday, 12 July 2006 at 08:42:00 BST  
Blogger Autumn said...

I'm lovin' this Diana girl and I haven't even met her yet!

Wednesday, 12 July 2006 at 12:58:00 BST  
Anonymous Amah said...

Was too busy making money to pay off debts due to overspending or moving around or visiting folks/places--Hong Kong, Korea, Hawaii, New Jersey, cross-country from Los Angeles to SC. We had gatherings during summers in Virginia (especially Disney World in 1986 or 87), both weddings, one time at Myrtle Beach (1996 or 97), and 1990 and 2000 in Hawaii.

Hopefully we can do "holidays" when the next generation occurs.

Wednesday, 12 July 2006 at 22:43:00 BST  
Blogger Autumn said...


Wednesday, 12 July 2006 at 22:52:00 BST  
Blogger Zandra Towns said...

Yes yes yes Holidays for the next generation. I want my children experienced world travelers. Plus I still want to travel (I missed out on Hong Kong ya know) and continue to make memories with my family.
HAWAII 2006 BABY!!!!!

Thursday, 13 July 2006 at 02:24:00 BST  
Blogger hadashi said...

i am going to be vain and think it's me you referred to in the post... i do realise that all of Europe are way into their holiday time, but this is what i mean by Germans taking it seriously: France may be on holiday all month, but most of them will stay in France...a few might venture to Italy. but the Germans will go EVERYWHERE, and Very Far Away. they are crazy ambitious travellers; you find them everywhere. Germans think nothing of going on a whim to the Seychelles, or for a ranch stay in Namibia, or to small islands in Thailand, or crossing Canada by RV. that's what i mean by very seriously.

Thursday, 13 July 2006 at 02:28:00 BST  
Blogger Autumn said...

Ah, sodesu. Strangely, lots of British are the same way. Posh British, mostly, but yeh. I know this Scottish woman going on a Canadian wilderness excursion with her family this summer -- what is that about? I've even heard of this woman on the dole (welfare), taking her family to Brazil. Kinda makes you reconsider welfare.

Thursday, 13 July 2006 at 08:49:00 BST  

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