Sunday, July 02, 2006

Where have I been?

Hello friends. Perhaps you have been worried about me. It has been nearly a week since I've blogged. Mind you, that's the longest I've gone without an entry. I almost didn't do it today, but I didn't think that a full week was a good idea. I thought that you might start to fret.

Last week was the last week of school before the summer holiday. With me moving on to a new school, I had to make sure all my ducks were in a row, i's dotted and t's crossed, and fulfill all other clich├ęs about getting my shit together. And I had to do that in two schools so it wasn't easy. I didn't get a lot of sleep last week, going to bed nearly every night at midnight or one cos I was writing up reports (not report cards, that was done weeks ago, but summaries so that the next year's teachers could take them on). It was all worth it, though. I was able to leave both schools, knowing that I didn't owe them anything, that I didn't need to stay late. In fact, on my last day, I walked out of the school the same time the kids did. No easy feat for me, my peeps from Durham know all about that when me and Boy were moving -- we were packing and cleaning right up to the minute before we were supposed to leave. We ended up just throwing a lot of crap out of the door onto the pile of rubbish in the front yard, then speeding away, hoping not to be caught by the landlord, or threw it in to the back of the mini-van we rented to get us to Atlanta and then my poor amah had to handle it all (sorry ma). My friends in Okinawa could tell the same tale from when I moved back to the US -- I was totally unprepared and stressed. The long and short of it is that I don't move very well and I tend to stress out my nearest and dearest with it. Like getting Colleen to file my kids' work into their folders. Well, this time I stressed no other person out but myself... and my husband. Well, isn't that what he's there for?

Anyway, I've been working up a list of things I have to tell you about. But if I do so in this entry, you'd be reading for years. I'll try to do it over the next week. Here are some things I'll be telling you about -- oooo, a preview!
  • Our summer trip to France
  • Me being alone for this week as Boy cycles around Scotland with his dad
  • Observations as I was preparing to leave my schools
  • Our trip to Hawaii in November
  • Making friends
  • My summer plans
  • The weather
  • Dave Chappelle's Block Party - just came out here and saw it this afternoon
  • The end of CouchSurfing
Glad to be back my people. Blog you soon.


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