Sunday, December 02, 2007

Obsession with travel

I've been Twittering now instead of doing the blog. Whenever a thought
comes to me, I whip out my moby and text away. It's easy-peasy
lemon-squeezy and frankly if you're not doing it you are in the Dark
Ages. But I digress. Currently I'm on a coach heading toward
Newcastle, of which, if you were down with Twitter, you might of read
about earlier. I've noticed though that my many of my previous tweets
have been documenting my travel plans in an almost Rain Man-ish way.
Truthfully, it is a bit odd. But then again, the only time I have any
chance to share my reflections is either waiting for a bus or on said
bus, to my next destination. Like now. I'm so trapped on this stupid
coach I felt compelled not only to Twitter but to blog as well, a
desire I hadn't had in two months. Since I'm writing this blog entry
via email, 1) this message will appear as one, long block of text and
2) a wee message will pop up at the end cos mobile emailing is pretty
basic, really only allowing you to write. Anyway, ignore it please,
especially the little message. After all if you are reading this, then
you're doing it, innit?

Don't forget about the blog, people --

It's all for you... it's all... for... you...


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