Thursday, August 02, 2007

Festival fun

What was wrong with me? I looked back all of my posts from last summer and never did I blog about the festivals. What the hell? August is the absolute best time to come to Edinburgh because we are inundated with festivals. We have an art festival, film festival, book festival, jazz festival, military tattoo, the Fringe (the irreverent stuff) and the International Festival (the high brow stuff). The toon is heaving with people looking for great stuff to do and they are never disappointed in August.

We are booked into see just as many, if not more, shows as last year; all gigs are from the Fringe. We prefer comedy shows and the Fringe is where to go for something like that. The Fringe programme came out the first Friday in June and when the box office opened on the Monday, I was probably the first person online, booking tickets. As a result, I pulled a coup d'etat on some of the bookings, as they are top-name UK performers and their shows have been sold out.
I also have a personal goal. The Fringe programme listed six different performances of Macbeth -- and I'm going to see all of them, all being well. Some have cool angles: Macbeth on stilts, Macbeth set in the Caribbean. Tomorrow, I see Macbeth set in a bouncy castle. Problem is, I've never even read Macbeth.


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