Friday, July 27, 2007

Stupid Bebo or, Am I always indignant?

I really am getting tired of this "networking" sites. Okay, there was a time when I was ab-solutely obsessed with MySpace and was on it every other second. But as it is no longer novel to speak to some kid that I was in 2nd grade with (you can only ask, "So, what are you up to?", so many times before it becomes boring), I'm done. Strangely, I then joined Bebo. Well, most of my Scottish peeps have shunned MySpace for Bebo, compelling me to join. The initial irritating thing was my usual username, the one I use for everything, everywhere, my middle name that my mother created, was taken. By some 16-year-old besom. So it's pretty hard to find me.

I try to keep some presence on both sites, as I am "networking" and I want to show my "friends" that I "care". I decided to post a video on Bebo. Actually, it is the fourth video from my last blog entry. On the site, I named the video My niece having fun with my very mixed up bitch -- which, if you've seen the video, pretty much explains it all.

The next day, I got this email, saying Bebo had taken the video down!
    A video with the name 'My niece having fun with my very mixed-up bitch' has been deleted from your Bebo account.

    IMPORTANT: Your Bebo membership is at risk of being cancelled, please read on:

    Bebo staff now review ALL videos uploaded to Bebo to ensure they comply with our terms of service, if further videos are found that are deemed inappropriate then your membership may be cancelled automatically.

    We will be going back over all videos you have uploaded in the past and review these too. Bebo needs to be a safe place for all to use.

How's that for an explanation? No telling why it was taken down and it obviously didn't violate the "no porn" mandate. So then, my response to those idiots:
    My video "My niece having fun with my very mixed up bitch" has recently been deleted from my account, reason unknown to me. I can only assume it is because you have deemed it "inappropriate", as you later mention in my warning email that "if further videos are found that are deemed inappropriate then your membership may be cancelled automatically", but never actually said that the video was inappropriate.

    Well, if you actually watched the video, which you claimed you did in the email, then you would have known how wide an assumption you made. You would have seen a 5-year-old girl dragging a blanket around a room, with my dog Samantha jumping on it and humping the blanket. Hardly sexually titilating, and very, very innocent stuff.

    So this leads me to assume that your staff have not watched the video. You either have a computer monitoring the sites or a person who looks for "buzz" words and eliminating content on that basis, thereby deleting my video for its title. Like my video, the use of word "bitch"; was not inappropriate. It was even purposeful. The dog featured in the video is a female, correct term of identification being bitch -- I used the word to explain her surprising behaviour in the video.

    I will not reload the video on my site while we are in discussion about this. However, I do not see anything unsightly about the clip and ultimately will look to reinstate it once we have clarified the matter.

Their response?
    Thank you!

    We hope you enjoy using Bebo as much as we do :D

    Kindest Regards,
    Tomek Sudol

So then me, 5 minutes ago:

    I hope I am going to get a better response that 1-minute, computer generated fluff that you so cheekily sent me.

    Kindest Regards.


Blogger Zandra Towns said...

Fine since no one seems to want to say anything I will say it. Yes, you are, not always, but most of the time indignant. Bebo blocked your vid of Sam humping the blanket. So what? It's a little crude and could possibly offend some little old lady out there surfing the Net. They are covering their own asses. It is the way of big business. So, yes as well, Bebo is being stupid. But this isn't an either/or question. Both are applicable.

Monday, 30 July 2007 at 16:24:00 BST  
Blogger Autumn said...

1) The question was rhetorical cos the answer was clear that Bebo was being stupid.
2) Little old ladies shouldn't go online to weird people's Bebo sites they don't know, as they shouldn't go to strip clubs, dog tracks or karaoke bars for what they might enc,iounter.
3) I know they were covering their ass. I expect them to cover their ass. But don't lie to me as if I don't expect them to do that. And don't be condescending to people. That was, ultimately, my point.
4) This was all (okay, mostly) written tongue deeply pushed in cheek.

Monday, 30 July 2007 at 22:48:00 BST  
Anonymous samantha mcphillips said...

It's "Samantha" not "Sam", thankyou vey much. And I wasn't humping the blanket, I was rearranging my bed that the impertinent little child kept stealing. I am over 80 you know. In fact, I am a little old lady surfing the net, and I am NOT offended. I am a dog.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007 at 00:12:00 BST  

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