Sunday, June 17, 2007


In my blog, Turning over a new leaf, I documented my first ever vegetables grown. Well, we did eat the argula (rocket) in a salad, along with some chives, mint and sage that we are growing. The spring onions (aka, scallions, green onions, salad onions) were incorporated into an egg casserole and was damn tasty. Unfortunately, I am finding the gardending bit of it tedious and boring and snails seem to like my shit. I'm considering collecting up all the snails and eating them, like escargo, much to the disgust of the Boy.


I told you the tale of a young Dundonian man in Bladar who, at least to me, looked Black. My team-mates completely disagreed with me. I explained that I recognised that he wasn't Black Black, that he wasn't -- which has now become infamous in its phraseology -- FOB, fresh off the boat.

While I was in Perth for the volleyball tournament, I saw this guy, looking as Black as ever. I took my chance and moseyed on over to him to have a chat. Suffice to say that after our positive conversation (in which he himself admitted that he had been thought of as Black as well), I asked him to join the Brotherhood and renamed him Tyreek. The brother formally known as Graeme thanked me and is looking forward to his Black Brotherhood membership card any day now.


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