Friday, May 11, 2007

The Stupids

I have a children's book called The Stupids Die. It's about a family of very dense people. Well, we here at Team CG, we are the Stupids.

We decided we would to take our long dreamed-of city trip to Barcelona. We have the perfect time, an upcoming three-day weekend. We found the perfect trip -- price perfect, departure time perfect. And we sat on it. Didn't book it. And guess what? The price doubled. Isn't that amazing and strange? Well, after my tantrum, the Stupids decided on going to Amsterdam. Well, we couldn't have been that stupid because we immediately booked the flight. However, we did wait two days before looking for accommodation.

Finally we started to look for a hotel. The past two days has been spent looking, not finding a thing. It seems like an exaggeration to say that there was nothing available, but it there wasn't. And actually, we weren't far wrong. On the weekend of our visit, I learned that not only is Amsterdam hosting a literary festival, it is also a national Dutch holiday. If we were going to find a hotel, it would be requiring a minimum 4-night booking. Remember I mentioned it was only a 3-day weekend booked? Well, at least we'll enjoy Amsterdam. It shouldn't be too hard for such stupid people.


Anonymous Amah said...

Sorry to hear about the goofs. It happens to others also. When I was looking for car rentals to attend Bill's congrats dinner, I found great prices but sat on it cause JD couldn't decide. When he finally decided, the prices had increased. Same thing with trying to visit you a couple of years ago, should have jumped on the $300 from Charlotte to London, but didn't. Still trying to get there :-)

Had a nice Mother's Day with Granny Huggins. I noticed that the calender sent by your in-laws didn't have Mother's Day, but did have Father's Day. Is Mother's Day celebrated differently or at all in the UK?

Monday, 14 May 2007 at 21:27:00 BST  

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