Friday, May 25, 2007

Little joys

I've just discovered twitter, which some of you more technically
minded peeps might have already known of. Okay, think of this blog -
here for you to get your fill of what's going on - but condensed to
140 characters. Intrigued? You can get these messages sent to your
mobile which may not be a good thing if you ask my friend Cris, my
first 'follower' (as twitter calls them). But then you get these
so-called mini-blogs in real time with the mobile service. Or just get
it via email. But it's all free. If you got an email invite, please
sign up and give it a chance. And if you didn't get an invite, feel
free to send me a disgruntled email, questioning the level of our

Don't forget about the blog, people --

It's all for you... it's all... for... you...


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