Thursday, July 12, 2007

Day at the beach, twittered

Yesterday we were able to have one whole, (mostly) sun-filled day at the beach, our fourth day on the holiday. Ah. life at the British seaside. We chose to holiday in Britain this year cos last year was such a nice summer and we thought this year would be just as good -- how wrong were we. We also fancied the idea bringing the dogs on holiday with us. Boy was convinced the girl we got to pet-sit last year wasn't attentive enough and I couldn't be bothered to try and find another person who would just be as aggravating to him. Just a clue if you're dog-sitting for people: evidence of care goes over big, like stories and pictures, like my friend Shish did when we were in Amsterdam.

If I had taken my mobile phone to the beach, I would have twittered all day. But a sand-filled, stolen mobile phone wasn't for me. So here are, what would have been my tweets.

    I am the only person wearing a one-piece swimsuit. Oh, wait -- me and this 8-year-old girl.


    My dogs are like little prima donnas. They have a parasol to keep them cool and a bowl of water. Pretty funny.


    Boogie-boarding was brilliant but only when the tide came in. Nearly drowned when the surf dropped 4-ft abruptly into the sand.


    Even when the sun is out, it's not that warm.


    The water is so breathtakingly cold that I feel like I'm a surrendering a little bit of my life each time I enter it.


    Wish I had brought a better book with me. Success with Struggling Readers isn't exactly a page turner.


    Why are games of toss, otherwise boring in 'real-life', suddenly so charged with interest and glee at the beach?


    White chocolate ice cream pop is a good way to end the day at the beach.


Anonymous Amah said...

Glad you can take some time off and enjoy the beach. It's too hot here even for the beach. Of course, I'd never go in the water at the beach anyway because the water is too murky and I NEED to see the bottom where my feet tread, as in my ole Hawaii crystal clear waters. :-D

Thursday, 12 July 2007 at 22:13:00 BST  

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