Thursday, January 26, 2006

He's not home yet (uh-oh)

The Boy's working late so I've been working on tweaking the format of the blog. Two big changes have been made.

First, in sharing and communication. You can now email my blog entries to others. I believe if you click on the envelope at the bottom of the entry, next to the comments link, you can then do it. Also, I've published my email address on my profile. However, this is my alternative address. Most of you's will have my proper address; this address is for people I don't know who might want to contact me. And one other thing, you no longer have to be a member to make a comment. So I'd love to hear from you friends!

Second set of changes have to do with additions. You will notice them on the sidebar. If you click the Call me! button, you can give me a ring, via Skype. What, no Skype? Get it! You can make calls computer-to-computer [AB-so-lutely free] as well as computer-to-telephone calls, set up voicemail, etc. It's dead easy to do. So I don't sound like some advert, email me if you want the details. It is really worth it and one of the first things I set up when I got this computer. Also on the sidebar, you'll see additional links. There are now links to the websites of the TV channel the BBC and the newspaper The Guardian [so you can read some real, unbiased news, fools!; this must be read in a Mr T voice]. I've put in links all about our fair city, Edinburgh, to give you a feel about my fab city. Maybe you'll think about a visit?


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