Saturday, February 25, 2006

Just in...

You're the third people to know after my mum and my VBF (volleyball best friend) and her partner...

No, not preggers. (Please no God, please!)

Matth's contract is up in August, apparently. We thought it was October, but it's August. Boy was going to speak to his boss about the contract, renewing, etc. in the spring. That was because he was a scaredy-dog. His work was a little so-so and he thought that if he talked to his boss about it now, he would tell him to get to steppin'. Plus, the Boy didn't even think he would be offered an extension on the contract. And who's to say if we really wanted an extension? Ergo, the waiting until the spring.

Anyway, today the Boy's boss pulled him to the side to talk to him about the contract.

And he offered him two more years, until April 2008.

So we're staying now.



Blogger svetlana said...

excellent. really, really great. it'll BE two more years before OUR team gets sponsorship-- so, that's perfect! you'll be able to go home with a nice track suit with your name on it. glad you're not taking off just yet.

Tuesday, 28 February 2006 at 07:36:00 GMT  
Blogger Autumn said...

Yes! A tracksuit! I'll finally be a really Brit!

Tuesday, 28 February 2006 at 18:02:00 GMT  

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