Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Oscar race

Well, now is the time that a majority of films in Oscar contention come out. That's how it usually happens: films arrive later in the UK. Unless it's like some mega-blockbuster, which I don't usually care for. Of course there are some exceptions: Pride and Prejudice is one. It showed here before the US. I am personally prejudiced against this film, even before the whole changing of the end for dumb American audiences -- Keira Knightley is really irritating. A'ight in Bend it like Beckham, rubbish in the trailers of Domino (what was the deal what that 'American' accent?)(no, I did not waste my hard-earned money on that pish). I just find her completely unbelievable in the role of Elizabeth Bennett.

When it comes to Oscar time, I get slightly obsessive. I want to watch as many of the nominated films as possible, so that I can make an informed decision about the best film, best actor, etc. This is good because I will see more good film now than I do for the rest of the year. Bad news: I have to watch Pride and Prejudice. And Mrs Henderson Presents (if I can find it -- another one that came out here before the US).

I won't be able to see Transamerica, as it will be released in the UK after the Oscars. Unlikely to see North Country as well. I thought it came out here last week or the week before, but no local cinema appears to be showing it. It got shite reviews over here, so maybe cinemas are reluctant to show it? I've only seen Brokeback Mountain and Walk the Line so I've got a lot more to see and only two weeks. Munich's next.

OK, I've only seen two films, but here's are my predictions so far:
  • Brokeback is too good not to win Best Film. Stupid to say since I haven't seen the rest (and as my most recent prediction -- that my volleyball team wouldn't lose our recent game -- have been shot full of holes), but it's one of the best films I've ever seen and most people will ever see.
  • Reese Witherspoon will probably when Best Actress. Ignore Keira Knightley. Judi Dench has been nominated because Americans think everything she does is amazing and they want to allow for the possibility of it being said on Oscar night, 'The Oscar goes to... well, there's nothing like a dame, Dame Judi Dench.' Charlize Theron, already won one recently, so another so soon would be a bit greedy. Plus, shouldn't hers be taken away for inflicting Aeon Flux on us all? (Just like Halle Berry's should be taken away for Catwoman) And, as mentioned above, won't see Felicity Huffman's performance. Witherspoon's performance was very good and wouldn't it be nice for someone to win without having worn prosthetics? Shouldn't an actor's wonky nose really be the recepient of the Oscar? Let's just have an Oscar for Wonkiest Face and be done with the matter.


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