Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is there an emoticon for THIS?

Realising I was losing it, I decided to take a kip for half an hour. At this point, the 'Next Try' (as I called it; as known as 'Still hope' window) window had come up very little. I felt like I had hope when I saw this window.

Instead, I was getting the 'no hope' window.

Well, why not follow the advice it gave? "Access to the following pages may involve long waiting times at peak periods. We recommend returning and trying again a little later." So off I went for just a small nap to refresh. Feeling much more human-like (reasonable and able to speak in complete sentence without resorting to grunts), I went back to the website.

There are now no tickets for any games left. Not a one.

The list goes much farther than that. And trust me, the list is red, the whole way down. And despite not having a single ticket available now, guess what still comes up? Cheeky bastards.

As if I'm next in the queue for my order for non-exixtant tickets to be filled. Yet, still I click Next Try. Still at it, like some crazed crack addict. I could cry, but I'm a bit far past it and on to despondency.


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