Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mmehhhh (the sound of slowly going mad)

2.11 PM. I'm still at it. Minutes? 132. I am now at two windows, waiting to see which one will get through first. I had three windows up previously, two going for the aforementioned Brazil v Australia match and one for the third place match. The two windows for the Brazil v Australia match have moved on the second round, but the third palce match has not. In fact, this window opened up.

When I clicked the English button, the text was only in German. Or was it Dutch? Dang, I'm an American. It all looks the same to us. Or maybe it really was in English, but because I'm going mad, it looked funny. But don't you see it? They're just laughing at me. The wankers are laughing at me!


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