Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where am I?

It's 7.32 AM on a SATURDAY morning. Why am I up? No, I'm not asking you. I'm moaning to myself. We have a match through at Glasgow at 10 and it takes an hour or so to get there. So why am I meeting my team members at 8 am? Cos last time we got lost going through and an hour journey took two. So coach told us to meet at 8. Clever.

So here I am with my porridge and soya milk, trying to be a good girl. The British do call soy (as in milk and sauce) soya, which I have adopted, to the amusement of an American pal here. I am willing to try a lot more British phrases than most Americans, for several reasons. I'm married to a Brit, so I hear them all the time. I don't have loads of American friends here, who would probably harrass me about saying these things. And I also teach in local schools and I don't want to confuse the little buggers any more than I already am with my American accent. When I first arrived, they all wanted me to talk and say something in 'American'. My sister did the same thing to the Boy when she first met him.

Oh, go to this website! Apparently this guy is bartering his way to a house, and he started with only one red paperclip. Pretty amazing. When I see stuff like this (you know, like the guy with the million dollar webpage), I think, 'Damn, I'm an idiot. What am I doing instead of this this stuff up?'


Blogger Zandra Towns said...

hey just writing to tell you Hi. I haven't read the blog in a week cuse I was 1. In detroit for the Super Bowl- no Bill and I didn't get in, 2. I've been exhsusted since then cuse I didn't get any sleep the entire week end cuse Bill wanted to stay up all night with his fellow Steelers Fans, and 3. it has been a long week cuse my cleint was pissed at me a made the work day very long. But I caught up an alot of sleep and i read every thing I missed. Bills B-day was in the 11th and I bought a cake and we hung out with some friends and played a game for four hours. this is a really long comment so i'll go now. love you

Sunday, 12 February 2006 at 21:14:00 GMT  

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