Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My poor baby

Samantha-Dog was taken to the vet today. Last week on a routine visit (though her first in more than a year), the vet found that she had two enlarged lymph nodes. Apparently, that is usually a sign of lymphoma in dogs. So she went to the vet today in order to get cells extracted from her lymph nodes to be tested. Poor thing wasn't allowed to have anything to eat before she went, just in case she had to be given an anaesthetic (she didn't need it). I had to put her in the living room as I fed Sarah-Dog. You could hear her scratching the door, as she could hear me giving Sarah her food. And she was going to be there all day, put in a cage after the procedure. She hates cages. When she was transported her from the US, she apparently barked through the entire 8-hour flight.

The Boy, in his usual efficiency, asked if I would pick Samantha up after the procedure just yesterday. I had already made plans and wouldn't be able to do it. I could have dropped her off, if only he had given me some notice. The vets were connected with the university, so we were able to get a discount; downside, it was way out on the edge of the city. Only one bus went out there and only every hour. So he woke up at 7 this morning in order to get the bus and be there before 9 am. If any of you know my hu'bands, you know the Boy ain't a morning person. Thankfully, he made it, and they did him a favour by doing the procedure while he waited. However, he didn't get into work until 11.

We won't know until next week the results of the test. I'm a bit worried... for the Boy. He's terribly attached to Samantha-Dog. He's had her since she was a puppy and picked her himself. I mean, we brought her and Sarah over here with us. And it wasn't like I was asked or anything. It was like, "Yeh, so, I'm going over in February to get the dogs." He will be devastated if anything happens to her, as will I. Samantha's my dog. She loves the Boy, but she will follow me everywhere. Actually, she listens to me before him. (Sarah is his dog; she has little regard for me, the little bugger) But this will really hurt. I mean, he wants to cryogenically freeze her when its her time to go. And how much is that gonna be?


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