Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snow?! (said in a slightly hysterical voice)

Everywhere in the bloody county it is snowing. Save here. Everywhere. Not here. Other places, yes. Edinburgh, no. Not here.

Well, I am going to have to rephrase that. It snowed this afternoon. But really, it hasn't snowed. This is what we got: Blizzards across the country, and this is what we get. We got bigger snows in Durham! This snow is the equivalent of a 13-year old's first moustache: we got the peachfuzz of snow.


Myspace is now taking over the world. Two new friends (ones that I legitimately had before signing up to myspace) have now joined! It's getting crazy. I now have eight friends -- what! Of course, that still includes Tom, the founder of myspace. And it also includes the singer Crystal Waters (you know, 100% Pure Love). And my best friend's brother and all we do is exchange the eversoocassional "What's up nigga?" (he's not black, and really, neither am I; I believe we discussed this previoiusly). So, I have five friends. Yay!


Ok, I'm procrastinating. A friend's coming over to my house for dinner tomorrow for the first time and I have yet to tidy up. The flat is right minging, but the Boy and I sadly don't mind wallowing in filth. Everything needs to be cleaned or straighted up, as you can see.

I forsee the Boy will be mad with me showing you this pictures. It is kinda slack that most of you's first images of my flat are of it in such of minging state. Just so you know, on the bedroom wall is where I have painted different samples that I'm considering. Great idea, but I did it a year ago and I still haven't gotten around to painting over it. The fun of homeownership. (Is that a single word?)I promise that I will take more pictures after the cleaning blitz I have tonight! It is really lovely. I always clean well when people come over. I even painted when my best friend and her husband came for a visit from Durham. Be assured, if you ever visit, it was be tidy. At least superficially.

When the flat gets in this kind of condition, the Boy and I joking bandy about the idea of hiring a cleaner. It's all a bit silly. I mean, we're in a flat. We got this idea when we went to visit his brother in the Lake District. Younger Brother 1 is a medic and makes the wages; in a word, way loaded. The room we stayed in at their place was the size of our entire flat. They have a woman coming in for three hours on Saturdays. The worse bit of it? The pay the woman £5/hr. That is below minimum wage! And she works for an agency and, as I know because I did it for more than a year, they take a cut of what is paid. So that means she's making under £5/hr. I doubt she's able to hire someone to clean her place, let alone get enough food on the table. It's this millenium's slave trade.


Anonymous Blakely said...

I feel SOOOO much better about my house now. THANK YOU!!!!!

Friday, 3 March 2006 at 04:44:00 GMT  
Blogger Autumn said...

I'm glad I can make things better for someone else i the world!

Friday, 3 March 2006 at 07:49:00 GMT  

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