Friday, March 03, 2006

My snow dreams -- TRUE, true, TRUE!

It has finally happened. At 10.15 this morning, as I was preparing some work, I saw it. Beautifully fallnig from the sky. This time, it was proper snow! The last snow I showed you, it was like sad little snow-wanna-be pellets. These were plump, fat flakes, like juicy mikans falling from the sky. I took a few pictures as you can see (nice having a cameraphone) and I made an album. Click the Photos link to the right to see them all.

The funniest one to me was the decapitated snowman, which I hope you can see. As I was going to take a picture of this snowman, then intact, this little girl went up to it and whacked its head off. Her parents, standing behind me, were just as surprised by this violent action. She had made it and everything. She said, "Somebody else is going to come by and just do it anyway, so I figured I might as well do it instead."


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