Thursday, April 13, 2006

My newest row, and other annoyances

My Easter holiday is nearly over and I've done nae wit it, as they say. My day revolves around certain points: the free "Brainteaser" online quiz at 1 pm, "60 Minute Makeover" (why there is no dash between 60 and minute, I do not know and it drives me mad) at 2 pm, the free "Deal or No Deal" online quiz at 4.15. Then there's dogs to be walked, blogs to be blogged, competitions to be entered, shite to be read and commented upon. How I work nearly full-time beats me.

Well, I have been trying to get a new lock for the downstairs storage cupboard, as I want to store Boy's bicycles (yes, he has two; I have none) there, instead of crowding my already crowded and tiny flat. But it can't be a padlock, as the last one was smashed off and the neighbour's even more expensive bike was stolen. It has to be a rim lock, but the last place I went didn't have the right size. Let me get this straight: you only have ONE size in rim locks? These are the days I yearn for Wal-Mart. Now I know you must have heard of Asda, the UK company Wal-Mart took over? And you think to yourself, "Girl, get over your damn self and get over to Asda." Well, let me tell you, Wal-Mart's usual diligence in stocking 18 separate varieties of one product has not been extended to Asda here. In short, Asda's equally shite.

The Boy can't wait for me to get back to work. No work = spending money. Tis true, I try not to, but I do. It also makes me realise what a state this flat is in and how much work needs doing to it. Which means I want to get rid of something or other, which really annoys him as well. The lastest idea: Get rid of the large 6-foot long bookcase in the sitting room (cos it does not match any of the other wooden furniture) and replace with wooden boxes screwed into the wall, creating a funky feature, as well as storage.

So this is the latest row: I want to have a big party for my 30th, as I might have expressed several times previously. And you should know then that I want a ceilidh. Well, he looked into booking the functional hall at his work (really nice place) -- only £120 for the entire night! Wow, what a terrific price. He thought so too, but balked at the potential price for the ceilidh band (£300). And he doesn't realise that we could save loads of money by not even having any food or drink -- we're in Scotland and everyone will bring their own drink and won't want any food. Am I the only one who thinks that's not too much money? Let me know with your comments and by voting in the new web poll. C'mon people, back me up.


Anonymous a.t.w. said...

okay, now i feel guilty. i, as well as ztowns and amah (i'm guessing--family is oh so practical) voted low b/c we want to save you money and boy's money is your money. however, now that i know the details... well, maybe you should get the band. 300 isn't bad for a full band if that's a flat rate and they'll play for hours. i speaketh from the context of my fulltime-musician contact, the bdles. yep...boy should consider that they have to travel there, take time away from their families (or their peeps), not have a free night, practice, etc etc. so perhaps this is not too much to ask for! unless it's bad etiquette, you can make a donation box that has an indirect-worded sign that implies that a few Q would wonderfully make all things better for the birthday girl. say you have 50 guests and they all bring 4 Q, well, you nearly have it covered! as i always say, many hands make light work!

Monday, 17 April 2006 at 03:15:00 BST  

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