Monday, May 22, 2006

Technology's one hell of a drug

Newest obsession: funky ways to use technology. I am loving some of the stuff I can do with it.

When I first got my mobile phone, I was told distainfully that I should have got an "easier" phone, cos mine was too advanced for a novice like me. The phone has email and internet capabilities, an mp3 player, a 2-megapixel camera and video recorder, as well as an audio recorder and I didn't have a clue how to use it, save the camera. How happy I am that I didn't listen to that downer idiot. Yeh, she was right, but I have learned how to use mostly everything with the help of my friends. The last piece of the puzzle was the email, but after several weeks of trying to get it work, chronicled on this here blog, it's up and running -- announced as well in a joyous email to all friends. Now the cool thing is how I can use it. It's all a progression, innit?

My earlier blog entry today (Football mad...) was actually written yesterday, in a pub in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. All typed out on my phone and sent, via email, to my blog. That's why there are no paragraph breaks, which really annoys me. It actually would have gotten here on the blog on Sunday had I sent it to the correct email address. But once I typed in the appropriate address, it was there for you. Now, there is no need for me to be out of blog communication with you! And I know you've had sleepless nights about that. Now have sleepless nights about the lack of paragraphs in an emailed blog entry.

Another way I am using my pictures, videos, and audio recordings is in a moblog. You might have heard of this: it's a blog, but most of the content is entered with a mobile phone rather than on the computer. It's very spur of the moment. For example, if I see some strange thing, like a man dressed up as Scooby Doo (and I did yesterday), or something beautiful, like a wood filled with bluebells (which I saw on Monday), I could take a picture, send it to my moblog via email and you could see it a minute later. The url to my moblog is or you could just click here. A link to the moblog is on the sidebar.

I hope you don't feel like that another thing of mine that you have to check out. You don't have to at all. It's just sometimes the blog is a bit manufactured, you know? Like I want it to look really good, have (relatively) correct grammar, be expressive. The moblog is just raw. It's an imagine, a sound, a small video clip. Nothing to major. Nothing to really think about. Something to just enjoy. To smile about. I know sometimes I get a bit heavy with the blog; think of the moblog an antonym, in a way. Plus, I couldn't figure out how to combine the two, or I would have. Maybe eventually they can and will be combined.


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