Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We just don't know when to stop

Puns are amusing, but not funny to me. Oh, hmm, I think when I read one, but usually I don't even crack a smile. I read and hear a lot because that is British humour -- all puns and double-entendres and one-liners. A classic one:
    Hello! Didn't you hear me calling you? You must be going deaf!

Or told to me today at work:
    Would you like chicken for dinner tonight?

    No, cos it's foul.
That's the thing about British humour: it's very subtle. A British person is content to make a witty comment and only he (cos most practitioners of true British humour are men) know that he made it. His own amusement and merriment is gift enough, although sharing it with one other person is the cherry on top.

Boy told me this joke today, first told to him by a co-worker:
    Question: What's the connection between a cordless drill and the Premiership (top division of football)?
    Answer: They don't have leads. (Leads are what they call extension cords here; Leeds lost their match on Sunday and did not make it to the Premiership)
So then, I came up with this one:
    Q: What's the connection between the Championship (second division of football; the Triple A of football, so to speak) and the world of soul music?
    A: They don't have Redding. (As in Otis; Reading, pronounced the same as the singer's surname though spelled differently, is a team that has moved up to the Premiership from the Championship)
Not to be outdone, Boy told this one:
    Q: What's the connection between the Championship and someone with long hair?
    A: They don't have a crew.
    (Crewe, being a name of a team that dropped out of the Championship and into First Division -- Double A of football)
Okay... pulling at straws, but you can see the pattern, yes? I was beginning to enjoy this little game, so my next offerings came thick and fast:
    Q: What's the connection between the Premiership and a president?
    A: They both have Chelsea.
    (Chelsea, a team; Chelsea Clinton)

    Q: What's the connection between the Premiership and the army?
    A: They both have an arsenal.

    Q: What's the connection between the Premiership and Mississippi?
    A: They both don't have Birmingham.
Just stop, said Boy. Apparently, I had missed another point of British humour: brevity.


Blogger svetlana said...

LOVE IT. hah. that's great. but.. i also roll on the ground howling at the humour here. truly one of the reasons i stay. :)

Monday, 29 May 2006 at 15:05:00 BST  

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