Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Say what?

The last confirmation of accommodation for our trip to France arrived in the post today from Hôtel de Savoie in Chamonix. Some French Canadians run the hotel and an adjacent guesthouse and it was recommended by BIL2. Here's the confirmation letter:

    le 8 juillet 2006

    1016 xxxxxx xx
    edinburgh xxxxxx

    Dear Autumn,

    We thank you for having reserved your stay in our hotel

    We have received the amount of XX.00 that you have sent to us under the title of 'arrhes'.

    We confirm your date of arrival will be July XX, 2006 and your date of departure will be July XX, 2006. You will be 2 persons.

    You have reserved: 2 Persons (ensuite), Reservation #:XXXXXX

    With kindest regards,

    Hôtel de Savoie

    Arrhes: The reservation is only confirmed at time of payment of arrhes. These arrhes are deductible from the total payment due. The arrhes remain the acquisition of the hotel owners for any reservation that is cancelled. Art. 1590 du Code Civil.

What the hell is, or are, arrhes? Boy took it to mean deposit -- well, he should know, he's the French speaker, not moi. Doesn't sound like they wrote it in French, then used to translate it? I decided to use the service to translate arrhes.

"It does mean deposit!" I told Boy. "Did you know that?"

"No. I just guessed it. It's fairly obvious."

Then why didn't they just translate it, along with the letter? That's what's not fairly obvious to me.


Anonymous Amah said...

Yeah, you're going on holiday!! I'm sooo happyyyy!!

Please have Math take care of that matter we discussed--got a call Wednesday.

There's a 2-room apt with sleeper sofa in living room, kitchenette for $176--if you, Math & Z share with us it would be $35.20 per person (doesn't include tax). Will try calling to see what tax is and if discount can occur with direct booking (got from Or individual studio at $86 nightly (tax not included).

Friday, 14 July 2006 at 22:54:00 BST  

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