Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas puddings

I don't mind Christmas in Britain compared to Christmas in the US. Really, I don't. I wrote, maybe last year, about how I loved Christmas pantos they have over here. Christmas crackers are a super tradition too. UK Christmases rock compared to American ones. I don't know, but I think that Americans give everything in celebration of Thanksgiving that they're knackered the time Christmas rolls around and have nothing to give. I spent every Christmas since moving here with my in-laws in Yorkshire, never with my family. But we don't have Christmas traditions. We don't have a set day we get a tree -- some years, no tree at all. And we wouldn't even bat an eyelash at that. My fam doesn't have Christmas food traditions either.

One Christmas thing I do despise over here are the puddings -- desserts, I'm talking about. They are awful. Really foul. It's the love the dried fruit that kills me. Firstly, I abhor dried fruit and I do include raisins and the sort. Pointless, I find them. Well EVERY Christmas dessert is filled with the shit. Mince pies, Christmas cake, fruit cake, yuk. Secondly, they don't put proper frosting on cakes. That's not just Christmas cake either. I'm talking all cakes. They use this hard sugar coating for frosting. I just miss a Betty Crocker frosting in a can sometimes. I'm a simple girl. Thirdly, they put cream in and on everything. MIL made a beautiful fruit salad, which everyone ruined by putting whipped cream on it. Yesterday, I had a chocolate cake with double cream poured over it. I wanted to gag. Can't we just have an extra-large scoop of ice cream like civilised people, hm?


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