Sunday, July 13, 2008

London, Brighton, Atlanta and Beaufort

Friends, I have begun my US leg of my summer hols. I flew into Atlanta on the 7th and spent time with my brother. Then moved on to Beaufort, where my parents live and spent some time with them. I write to you from the airport, where they, thankfully, have internet. Going to my parents' place is like stepping back in the digital ice age. It's quaint, really.

I'm enjoying my time here and not as swept by nostalgia as I was last time I visited. It might be because I was visiting two places in the US that I would hate to live in. Beaufort is not a place for anyone except OAPs. My mother was so cute because she kept proposing endeavours, but really, there was nothing going on there. And Atlanta is much too busy for me. I think I'd rather live in London before Atlanta. And if anyone knows me, that was a major statement. London is interesting to visit, but, I would think, hell to live in.

However, I really enjoyed my time in London, the first leg of my summer hols. I went with VBP (Volleyball Best Pal -- I really should give her a better name) and we stayed in London with her pals, Vodka and Jager-Bomb. This will be their monikers because that's what they plied us with. V and J-B lived in a neighbourhood in London that an estate agent would call "up and coming". That can be translated into shitty in some spots. But I found the place really personable and within the city, so very interesting. However, I did view everything intoxicated, so I can't really talk. I avoided tourist spots in London (save Camden Town market) and ended up really enjoying myself. More evidence that philosophy of travel (not filling it choka of touristy things and engaging in more home activities) is the right one for me.

Bottom line, I've been relaxing at every stop and everyone's taking good care of me, so I feel loved and chilled. But at the same time, I miss home, Edinburgh, and my Boy and dogs. I'm a little knackered, which explains why I'm all over the place with this entry and why I didn't mention anything about Brighton.


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