Sunday, April 16, 2006

My weekend adventures

It's my last weekend before going back to school after the two-week Easter holiday. I don't like being off from school too long -- it makes me not want to go back. The weekend's been filled, though.

Friday, I went to the Turkish Baths with friend, Pet. She had this idea that it might be similar to Roman baths, dunking yourself in progressively hotter baths and occasionally going to a cold one. No, but she wasn't far off. Instead of baths, we went from sauna to sauna, each one increasing in heat until we were in a steam room. There still was a cold pool to dunk yourselves in, though. Despite my father being a total sauna/steam room addict (I think he might have been the founding member of SSR Anonymous), I have never been in either one. Pet and I actually enjoyed the saunas quiet a lot -- made us nostalgic for warm US weather (she's from Cali). The steam room was another story for me. Pet wanted to do 10 minutes and somehow I did, but not a second more. I really wanted to fall out! Between each room, I tried to venture into the cold bath with limited success. The first time, I could only get my feet in. Then up to my thighs. Third time: up to shoulders. After the steam room, I managed to swim right the way across it. Oh, it felt lovely. Plus, after our session, I weighed myself. 11 stone, 3 pounds (154 pounds)! Wow. There's the entrance and the cold pool there.

This weekend marked the start of sanding the floors in the flat. It's a very popular thing to do in urban flats and does raise the value. The Boy and I have already done the hall and spare bedroom and were moving on to the kitchen. I was hoping to get the living room done, but as it is Sunday morning, quarter to eleven in the morning and I am blogging and he is just getting out of bed, I don't think so. The kitchen is huge and has an island kind of thing sticking out, making it more difficult to do a nice job. I do the prep work and the edges; Boy does the large sanding and gets all the glory. It's a job that we both hate to do, so we both get a bit pissy with each other.

Saw 'The Squid and the Whale' -- an incredibly disturbing film about the effects of divorce on a 1980s New York family. Jeff Daniels was brilliant as the selfish and self-centred father. Here's us on the bus at 9.20 trying to get to the Cameo for the 9.20 start. Generally, this is how we usually roll, really annoying me. The Boy's sussed out the British cinema experience, so he doesn't feel the need to hurry. They usually show 5-10 minutes of adverts -- like ones you would see on telly -- then film trailers. It gives us more time to come in late. However, this system fails if we don't pre-pay for tickets or the film is popular and all the seats have sold-out.

And night out with volleyball comrades, including Pet (cheesy grin). Yo's the one with the glass -- she's Espanish. The British girls were shocked when Pet admitted that she had to go to a speciality online site to buy an electrical kettle for her place in the States after the first time she lived here.
    "What do you to make tea then?" asked Turtle (on the left, with Macca).
    "Uh... get a stove-top kettle or boil the water in the microwave," said Pet.
    "God... " said Turtle, as if we said we washed our clothes on rocks in the nearby river.
Well, Americans drink coffee, not tea, so we all have coffee makers, which is a bit of a novelty here. Loads of drink and frivolity shared, nonetheless.

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