Monday, August 21, 2006

Two outbursts, one night -- part two

Ah yes, I remember starting this a long time ago. Really, it's not that interesting, but I'll finish the story anyway...

I love Grey's Anatomy. Every so often, a serial drama comes along that I just attach myself to for a few seasons. You know, before they jump the shark. 90210, The OC, The Monroes -- oh, you don't remember that one? William Devane was a senator with a large and promiscious family. It was in the vein of Dynasty. Only lasted half a season in like '95. Oh how I loved it.

Anyway, Grey's Anatomy. They showed the first 12 or 13 episodes here and now it's on hiatus. I'm going crazy. I must see what is going on. So this girl I know -- let's call her Jade Cord. Anyway, Jade lets me borrow copies of the later episodes. So I watch the season finale cliffhanger. In the beginning, Meredith finds out the dog that she's been sharing with her ex-lover Derek is dying and they have to put it down.

Now all you rational people realise that this is a plot device to bring our two extremely attractive protagonists together. Not me. I'm really mourning the dog. Actually, I'm thinking about my own dog. I'm picturing this poor little dog that they are putting to sleep as my own little Panfy-dog. And I lose it. Big time. Tears, blubbering, the works.

Anyway, that's it. That's the second of the two outbursts in one night. Told you it wasn't that interesting. Now stop bugging me.


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