Sunday, October 08, 2006

An invasion, aka I, Pigpen

Right. So ever since our trip to France (did you look at and appreciate the pictures, you buggas?), two things have happened. One, I never gave the girl who took care of the dogs any money. Pet is a friend from volleyball -- actually my only American friend over here. She said that she was happy to do it, no money. But Boy and I agreed at the outset that we would anyway. But I've not been able to get to to her. We got back in August! So, now that it's October, is it just slack for me to hand her over £30? "Here, I'm the biggest numptie in the world."

The other thing is that my house has flies. Pet must have not actually stayed here, cos we found a lot of mikons were just rotting when we got home, with loads of fruit flies. And the buggas have stayed. Part of it has to do with the summer. It was warmer than usual, attracting a lot more animals that the Scottish permafrost of July would have normally killed. The ones swarming my head as I speak (I am Pigpen), are larger than fruit flies, but smaller than houseflies. They are wily, evolved beings, always evading the swat. I think that I'll be buying some fly killing spray today. I'm not actually sure what it's called. Deet, maybe? I remember just having these black aerosol cans, maniacally spraying the area after flies. And our food tasting tangy with pesticide. Pesticide.... hmmm....


Anonymous Amah said...

At least they aren't sand fleas that bite.

I'm catching up on commenting cause I didn't realize you'd starting writing again.

Tuesday, 17 October 2006 at 23:16:00 BST  

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