Friday, July 18, 2008

Vegas, again

I know, I know, it's crazy. Who visits Vegas twice in three months? There was a pretty good reason why I'm back this time, though. My pal Kirby has hooked me up with admission to a four-day teaching conference that was the bomb. We don't do anything like that back in Scotland. It was big-massive and I learned a helluva lot and refreshed a bunch of things in my mind. It didn't mean that I didn't enjoy myself though.

I'm completely knackered. Yeh, I did engage with the drink, but it's more than that. Every day at the conference was intense, with the lectures, reflecting on your practice, thinking about how to modify and augment my class and teaching. All the brain work was draining for the lot of us who attended. Save Kirby. Nothing stops that Energizer Bunny.

Her new thing is that she's into the gambling. She and her pals did the slots shortly before I arrived and won, so she convinced me and her guy, Beau, to chip in $7 to play. I hate gambling, as I might have expressed previously. I'm pretty sure I'm a cooler, you know, like the William H Macy film. I ooze bad luck, so I like to avoid stuff like that. But Kirby was convinced we win cos she's an anti-cooler or sum'ink. Well, my ability to cool overrode her good luck thoroughly.

Anyway, I'm meant to be boarding my plane so I'll end this now. I'm very thankful to Boy for letting me come back. Do you think he'll let me do it again next year?


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