Monday, November 09, 2009

All-new Featured Word!

The very last Featured Word I had included in the blog was burl. No-one managed to tell me that it meant to spin around or to go round in circles, like My heid's been burlin' with all the choices." It can also be said as burlie, as in "Ok, it's a dead-end here, so just do a burlie and then we can drive out of here." Again, might I mention the slackness of you (all five of you) all for not working it out.

Anyway, I heard the new Featured Word just this aweekend: piece. Now Americans, and depending on which subculture of the US you come from, we have a couple of different denotations for this word piece apart from the standard one (a little bit). For example, I would say, (yes, it's a hint)

"When things kick off, some fool will definitely pull out his piece."
(definition no. 1)


"He was all up in the piece." (definition no. 2).

None of these American example can be applied to the British usage of piece, as in "He made himself a piece." Another hint!

So this Featured Word is wholly interactive. Americans, can you figure out the British definition of piece, while can you work out one of the US meaning, my Scottish, English, Irish and Welshees?


Anonymous Zandra said...

I think piece means a sandwich or something like that. Something to eat.

Friday, 1 January 2010 at 21:52:00 GMT  

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