Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sick people's chat

I've been home sick for the past two and a half days. Being sick always makes me feel bad for myself, but on top of it, Thanksgiving might be compromised by this sickness spell. I'm working to be at 100% by Monday for work and to be at least 85% for Thanksgiving.

Anyway, as I lay miserably on the sofa, what should I spy with my little eye? Only my favourite guilty pleasure film, The Thomas Crown Affair! I can't explain why I love this film so much, but every time it's on, I must watch it. What a perfect treat for a sickie like me.

But what is on is the original TCA from the 1970s starring Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. This is disappointing as my favourite is the remake featuring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo. I've never really given original a chance as I totally am down with the hunkiness exhibited by PBrosnan in the film and he is the only Thomas Crown to me. However, as I am ill, I will give the McQueen/Dunaway version a go.

And actually, it's not half bad, though I am only watching half of it as I'm flipping between it and the tennis. Steve McQueen is a total hottie and Faye Dunaway is my new favourite bad ass girl (only after Katharine Hepburn in the African Queen). And when we get to the scene where she succumbs to his charms and he gets in her pants, I'm totally with it. SMcQ is so hot in his aloofness in this film I can't reckon why she didn't give in earlier - I would! That's it: there's a new Thomas Crown in town.

But - oh no, what is this? Can my eyes be deceiving me? Is my new hottie, Steve McQueen, a... bad kisser?? He looks like he is gnawing Faye's face off! He's doing as a FB friend says, "Onm nom nom." Is that how people got down in the 70s? I'm so sad and shocked at Stevie's snogging technique that I feel that it is only right to rescind my prior enthusiasm and go back to feeling ill.


Anonymous atw said...

so sorry u is sick. me too. got it from mah mama. you is crazee. steve mcqueen and pierce b...ew. we never agreed on boys, no? i shall have to watch your movie sometime. om nom nom is the noise made by a cute animal attacking a carrot or something, originating from, a site i could swear was created by erika. a black hole of awwwwwness.

Friday, 27 November 2009 at 23:09:00 GMT  

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