Monday, April 24, 2006

Dog-ological clock ticking

As I walked Sarah and Samantha along the Water of Leith, we came across this stray Jack Russell. It was so lovely and adorably gentle. I didn't see anyone looking for it and it had a collar with its address on it, so I decided to take it home. He wasn't keen to be on the lead, plus I like to have Sarah on the lead when walking along the road (she has been known to take off running after a motorbike or skateboarder) and I didn't think she'd fancy walking along this unknown dog. I didn't know how I was going to get this dog home. As he seemed really gentle and willing to come along with me, I decided to try to pick him up. It's not something I would recommend with unfamiliar dogs, especially if you have two, potentially jealous, bitches. But he let me do it and the girls didn't mind so much.

He was so lovely and warm against my body and offered very little resistance. He just wanted to be held. I was sad to have to give him back, especially since his owners didn't seem too bothered with his disappearance.

I've always wanted a wee dog. Not some obnoxious Paris Hilton-type rat-dog, but something like a Scottish terrier and preferably a boy. Scottish terriers are so cute, like little teddy bears. I love how they do this awkward waddle for a walk, kinda like a robot. And I have a name for my Scottish terrier: Rabbie.

I love Sarah and Samantha, so much that I can't imagine my life without them. They mean so much to me. But part of my wants my own dog, not just step-dogs. I want Boy and me's to have our own dog. Boy will be very upset reading this, as he hates the thought of anything taking the place of the girls. But I have to be true to myself! I want my own dog! Before the Boy and I get too old to have a puppy of our own. Then our life and family will be complete.


Blogger Manoa Missy said...

I love how you use the word "wee" --one of the most endearing thing about other cultures is their lanuguage. My friend who just visited titled her blog after my aquired use of the Hawaiian "Yeah?"

As for the "magic i-pod", yep--just hit random and see where it takes you. Cheaters never win, though--no "re-asking" if you don't like the first answer. Afterall, it did say the world sees me as a "most peculiar man" :)

Nice to hear from you.

Tuesday, 25 April 2006 at 04:51:00 BST  
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