Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The best of British telly

I watch very little British telly. Mostly cos it's really shit. The drama is rubbish and the comedy is no better. My current favourite shows are Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. If I watch British telly, often it's reality television. Not the shit stuff, mind. I don't do Big Brother and crap like that. Stuff like Dragon's Den.

Through the magic of digital TV and the internet, you can now experience some of my favourite shows for the first time ever. I'll tell you about two now. First up: Harry Hill's TV Burp. It's a comedy show that's a bit like the old Talk Soup when it was hosted by Greg Kinnear (anyone remember that?): he takes the piss out of (British) TV programmes. However, Greg Kinnear's droll woe-is-us presentation is bypassed in favour of Harry Hill's sillier and ironic (obviously) take. The jokes will obviously be cultural, but hope you get the gist.

QI is a quiz show hosted by the actor Stephen Fry (the inspector in Gosford Park; part of the comedy double act Fry and Laurie of which Hugh Laurie was the other member). The point of the show is to say something "quite interesting". The more interesting, the more points. Anything dull and predictable gets points taken away. So the show's got that lovely penchant that British comedy quiz shows have of having an irregular scoring system.

NB: If these videos do not show up, then go to YouTube and search Harry Hill, QI or Dragon's Den there.


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