Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My husband, and other videos

For the day, my husband surprised me with a present before going off to work: 2 Laurel and Hardy DVDs (our fave) and a card with a lovely, and what will stay private, message. Not naughty, but you know Boy: a lot more discreet than me! So, as I tribute to him, I made this video. I call it, Why I still love my husband.

NB: if you can't see this video (and for some reason, I can't either), then try this link.

I made this video ages ago after taking a course for school. I jazzed it up with some captions, blah blah. I wanted to show it to you cos, if you're anything like me, you might be a wee bit nosy about what my life is like here. Unfortunately, it's not my house, or even me, but it's my neighbourhood, about one block from the flat.

NB: again, try this


Blogger atw said...

having trouble getting youtube to cooperate. it isn't loading ze veedyo. 'elp!

Thursday, 15 February 2007 at 06:11:00 GMT  
Blogger Zandra Towns said...

I can't see the video!!!

Friday, 16 February 2007 at 02:40:00 GMT  

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